I spent much of my youth focusing on original guitar composition and performance.  While playing in local bands I gained the opportunity to start playing a variety of instruments other than guitar.  As I studied rhythm and percussion with others in school, a percussive style began to form.  My passion for original music led me to explore and discover new sonic territories not common in West Texas culture.  From a desire to see more live performances and share my joy of forward-thinking music with others, I co-founded OddeoNetwerx, a future music production company responsible for putting on over 30 events and bringing national talent to local ears.  Under the moniker Dj Detour, I explored the art of turntablism/djing and played throughout the US for many years.  Considering my DJ work as more of a side project, my main focus remained on original works.  During these same years, I wrote for and performed in Live groups with members from U4ik Organism, Mindstream, Brandon Richards, Butch Avery, Dedwait, and Grounded. In 1999 I founded and hosted The Frequency on the famed 88.1 KTXT-FM. In addition to being an on-air personality, I served as the station’s Promotions Direction and RPM Director, booking indie talent that you now see/hear on cell phone and car commercials.  In 2014 we re-branded and launched Oddeo Netwerx as a record label. In addition to promoting other’s music, my current focus as an artist is on private studio work, exploring new music and sounds.  My passion continues to be not in the product, but in the process of creating music that blurs the edges of genres and pursues a new course, uniting both sound and people in ways that are sometimes unexpected.

Name:  Neil Bufkin

Solo Artist:  Oddeo Netwerx

Genre:  Electro/Acoustic Love

Contact:  neilbufkin@gmail.com

“Don’t worry about what others think of your art.  Others do not determine whether the art was worth making.  You do. ”





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